(i) Positive Feelings and Sense of Self-Worth:

We believe feelings are important; so we encourage children, staff and parents to understand and express their own feelings and, as well listen to, and respect those of others to promote a sense of self-worth in children and adults.

(ii) Academic Growth:

Through multiple teaching and evaluative methods (individual, small and large group teaching, problem-solving, peer-group teaching, use of modern technology), we aim at providing the highest possible academic growth for each learner.

(iii) Healthy Competition:

We encourage fair competition but discourage unhealthy competition especially that, which pulls people down.

(iv) Objective Analysis and Self-Criticism:

Our school’s programme and environment are designed to facilitate in individuals, an autonomous but self-critical, competent personality, with a high sense of perception and strict objectivity as a guiding principle.

(v) Extended learning activities through assignments/ homework:

To help in self-discipline, self-motivation, learning and research, students are encouraged to develop their investigative powers, basic skills and personal interests, outside the classroom/school environment. (The process of accomplishing this goal would be progressional- from JSI to SSI).